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Friday, October 2, 2009


Connor is now two months and is getting so big. He weighs 11lbs 9 oz. Yeah just like his cousin Emma who is now six months. It is so crazy how big he is getting.

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Happy Snow Day

Today was such an awesome day. I got up to get ready for work and as i was in the process of getting up i saw i had a message to call my mom and so i did. when i had talked to her she had mentioned to me that schools were cancelled for the day. That made me so happy because when there is a snow day i don't have to go to wor. Travis stayed home today. It was nice other than the fact that he has been sick all day. Connor and i just relaxed and watched t.v all day. i was really nice to have a peaceful day. It was really nice to look out the window and see the neighbors making a snowman. i wish i could have done the same thing, but i had no one to do it with. I could have taking Connor out but the only thing he can do by himself is roll over or sit for a few seconds by him self and then face plant into the ground. Its ok tomorrow is another day.